M/W/DBE Coordinator

Available Position: M/W/DBE Coordinator

Position Locations: Plainview, NY

Position Overview: The M/W/DBE coordinator provides direction and oversight of the program. The coordinator is responsible for communicating the importance of the M/W/DBE Program to those involved in field operations, project administration and project support; preparing and distributing the policies and procedures established by the company to support M/W/DBE participation in all projects; developing and implementing education and training programs addressing M/W/DBE compliance; implementing accurate and transparent reporting systems to comply with contractual M/W/DBE goals; collaborating with project managers and executive management to effectively incorporate the M/W/DBE program within of compliance risk in the M/W/DBE program and participate in all activities necessary to carry out the responsibilities of the position.

The responsibilities of this position include, but are not limited to, those listed below:

  • Implement and monitor an effective M/W/DBE program
  • Communicate goals to bid and project team
  • Assist in the development of pre-bid and post-bid M/W/DBE utilization plans
  • Supporting Estimating and Purchasing Departments in identifying qualified and available M/W/DBE firms for each project
  • Conduct outreach to the M/W/DBE community to identify opportunities for participation in each project
  • Attend industry M/W/DBE networking events
  • Document Good Faith Efforts to reach the M/W/DBE participation goals for each project
  • Conducts job site visits to monitor M/W/DBE efforts for each project and address any issues needing corrective action
  • Preparing and Filing (or assisting Project Managers in preparing and filing) monthly utilization reports, where required, attesting to progress toward M/W/DBE goals
  • Prepare and file requests to agencies for waivers of goals, as necessary
  • Update M/W/DBE utilization plans, as required, during project performance
  • Troubleshoot any problems involving M/W/DBE’s during project management
  • Alert company management about any M/W/DBE performance or compliance deficiencies
  • Keep up with evolving M/W/DBE laws, requirements, and regulations
  • Prepare monthly, quarterly and annual reports on each projects progress toward goals, as well as overall company performance of its M/W/DBE Program

Minimum Requirements

  • Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent
  • Experience in dealing with M/W/DBE compliance issues preferred
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills
  • Strong interviewing skills, persuasive skills, and perseverance in investigating
  • Proficient in Microsoft Access or Excel
  • Ability to foster effective working relationships with faculty, staff, and vendors


To Apply: Qualified candidates should send their resume and cover letter to info@ewhowell.com with “M/W/DBE Coordinator” in the subject line.